This jig is made of 2"x 2" square tubing, 11 gauge about 1/8" thick. The
         supports look crooked but the camera angle makes it that way. It's all
         bolted together at 25 ft. lbs. to be consistent. It can be taken apart
         and leaned against the wall with nothing protruding. There's an angle
         iron hiltied to the floor on all four corners.

         I have two more side supports laying on the floor, one for the trunk
         floor mount and one between the door jambs. It's so solid right now I
         didn't need to put them in. Pictures number 11 and 12 shows how I
         welded the washer to the round tubing. 1-3/4" O.D., 1/8" thick, then
         I put the welded washer and tube inside the hole, and welded the round
         tubing to the square tubing. It keeps it neater for the built-in washer
         on the body bolt.