On occasion you will hear this on the car forums.

I'm really not sure if I want to buy this car, it needs a lot of work, it looks 
like it will cost more to fix it then what it would ever be worth done.

Then it comes to, the tools and building to work on it, the money for parts and 
materials, the time you have available, how skilled you are in all the phases of 
mechanical and body work. And a lot of other questions with it.

But one of the most important things in a restoration, is the quality of it.

If you do it yourself or hire somebody to do it, and the quality of the restoration 
is really good, then you have a good chance of recovering your money if you would 
want or need to.

This theory doesn't work for everybody, but if the quality is there, you should be 
able to recover.

Even if you can only do a little at a time, do it right, and if you have to sell it
before it's done you should come out a whole lot better then if it was cobbled up.

Restoring a car is a big commitment, financially and mentally.

If what you have restored or replaced is first cabin, you will have a lot less 
pressure during the restoration, mentally.

Restoring a car should be a fun thing to do, by doing good quality work, even if 
it's not finished, should not be that hard to sell.

Try to leave yourself an out, if you can't finish the project. Quality work will 
help with that.

Just some thoughts I had on this.

WRITING THINGS DOWN Changes we might not all be aware of. This is what I see is happening, so I wanted to tell somebody about it, I don't have that many friends because I'm retired and don't leave my little area, and my wife won't listen to me, so I'll tell you people what I have learned on these car forums, 6000 hours on here in the last year and a half. Clones, reincarnated, wanna be SS's, just Malibus, Elcaminos, plain and high end ones, this applies a little more to these, although the matching numbered men might want to read this too. I don't think it matters what you are restoring, from our youngest on here right on up to the old guys. Whatever you do to your car, write it down. It's not that hard to do, it could save you making the same mistake twice, if you quit working on it for a while, it could be beneficial. Write down the paint, primer and filler and the part numbers. Any fenders doors etc. new or used and the price of those parts. Any sheet metal pieces, glass, interior, anything on the engine or chassis. Whatever you did or put on the car write it down. Torque specifications and what it was torqued at. Grade 5, 8, or plain fastener. Any labor you had to pay out. There are two reasons for all this, if you decide to sell it, you can show a potential buyer what you did on paper, this will tell him that you were paying attention and that you were dedicated to get it right. He knows if he gets in a fender bender he can take those paint numbers to a body shop and that's a plus, also lets the body shop know what you want on your car. The higher end restorations on clones are demanding some good dollars, documentation on that clone will help to increase those dollars. Look at the documentation on the matching numbered cars and what these guys do to get it, they know the deal, well it's the same for the clones, it's time to pay attention to details. If you were going to have somebody put new windows in or paint your house, I'm sure you will ask what product they're going to use, if you sell your house you will give the realtor all the information you can, if there are good name brand appliances, and staying with the house, you will sure let them know. Taking pictures of a restoration, that's easy, take as many as you possibly can, and then some. Remember, this is your restoration, something you have worked hard at, sacrificed a lot of time and money, reward yourself when it's done, show them the paper work. If you had two cars that were pretty close in quality, and you were not too sure, if one guy had all the documentation on what went into it, which one would you buy. A lot of you will never sell your car, some will have to, some want to, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you did any of the work yourself or bought the car already done, having those papers tell you this person has pride in what he has, and there's a lot that could be said about that.