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The question about a sheet metal brake came up, so I put this together tonight. 
This piece is 18 gauge steel or .0478 or real close to 3/64 of an inch thick.

It took about an hour and a half including pictures to make this piece. This is 
stuff we can make at home, I have never worked in a sheet metal shop or ever used 
a sheet metal brake, so this is something us hobbist can do.

I used 1 1/4'' x 1 1/4'' angle iron, 1/4'' thick to do it. You could make stuff 
like this several feet long, I just did a hurry up on a short piece to demonstrate it.

Using angle iron clamped to a piece of sheet metal, put in a vise, you can bend it 
into curves a lot easier, so you can have 90% with a curve, theres a lot of ways to 
go on this.

I was going to make one more 90% bend, but it was getting late, and I don't have a 
problem with the neighbors, but hammering after eight at night, probably isn't a 
good thing.

I was in a hurry to do it, so the pictures aren't that good, but the piece you see, 
if you wanted to take a slapping spoon and a piece of angle iron, in your vise, you 
could make it perfect, but the pictures will show you the intent

I use a short 2"x4" and lay it on it and hit it to start the bend.

If you're strong enough you could bend it by pushing it against the work bench. At this point start hammering on the edge that is clamped tight, so your hammer face is half on the metal and half on the angle iron, at the crease of the bend, use the flat part of the hammer, not the ball peen.

Hammer back and forth, you will see a line that gets smaller as you hammer, when line is narrowest, you have it.

That's one edge done.

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